Sandeep Poonia​


With over a quarter of a century dedicated to real estate, construction, and finance management, Sandeep has been the central pillar at the heart of a wide variety of projects. Drawing from his time as chairman and CEO of an industrious power company in Hunan, he prides himself on an unparalleled capacity for strategic thinking, problem solving, and multi-faceted management.

Across those years Sandeep has been a valued board member and committed chairman for many corporate institutions in both China and Canada. His skills with finance and business relations both locally and internationally make him an extremely sought after asset within the development world. As proven in his previous work on an array of units – from single residential and multifamily to commercial – his diverse qualities touch on all aspects of development progression, including initial purchase, design, construction, and marketing strategy.

From beginning to end, Sandeep exemplifies the virtues needed to succeed. A family man at heart, he puts honesty, integrity, and solid relationship foundations at the core of his conduct.

Gary Aujla


Meticulous in his organizational and planning skills, Gary’s ability to evaluate construction projects and forecast the brightest future makes him one of the leading directors of development in the city. Growing over the last 15 years from site work and single family homes through to whole apartment buildings, his 360 view of project management from the ground up gives him a unique and valued perspective.

Utilizing his background as a Developer and Real Estate IT specialist, Gary’s talents for cultivating and supporting strong working relationships allow him to network with clients and industry professionals effortlessly. Bringing together the best connections and energizing projects with the perfect blend of experts, and aligning their common interests to realize their highest ambitions.

Rekha Philip

Project Coordinator & Manager

Building on an already impressive array of exceptional skills in operations, finance, and accounting, Rekha engineers smooth communication and cooperation across a number of diverse divisions within the construction allied business. Coordinating with stakeholders, suppliers, sub-contractors, and site supervisors, she organizes and manages a wide range of people and projects with specialist care and authority.

As a Chartered Accountant (‘CA’) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (‘ICAI’), with a Post Graduation in Commerce and over 8 years of professional experience, Rekha is a strong authority on finance and budgeting. Her previous position as a Senior Executive in Ernst & Young has led to a measured and disciplined approach in Management, with the capability of always being adaptable and quick to discover efficient solutions. Resulting in progress that is both effectual, and economical.

Randeep Poonia

Site Supervisor

For the past 8 years Randeep has brought his passion for construction to our sites and to our teams, energizing them with both inspiring leadership and a lifelong love of building. Supervising all aspects of our development projects, from demolition to site preparation and full build, he coordinates a full crew across extensive heavy-duty works, including concrete, wood and steel framing, and interior fixtures.

Working closely with our team as well as consultants, engineers and inspectors, Randeep lends his expert eye and pin-point precision across every build, and ensures communication is smooth, detailed, and expertly managed. His care, attention, and multiple on-site qualifications are an integral part of our projects, from site selection right through to post-build supervision.

Gloria Tong

Accounting & Office Management

A diligent and highly efficient multitasker, Gloria has had a long and wide-ranging career serving many industries. Across 20 years she has worked alongside business owners and top-tier professionals as Treasurer, Bookkeeper, Director and CEO. Through her impeccable expertise with numbers and astute financial prowess, she has amassed a knowledge and steadfast capability that is unsurpassed.

A Certified professional Bookkeeper and Payroll Compliance Practitioner, Gloria was also a proud Certified Associate Member of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance. Praised for her unimpeachable integrity and virtue, she brings those qualities into the work she does for every client, turning her knowledge and accomplishments into their success.

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