Distinguished Rental Building Development in British Columbia.

Specializing in the rental building market, our team brings decades of experience and operational expertise across all phases of the development process.

1. Consultation

The consultation phase is where we define the scope of work and financing parameters of the project with our clients and potential investors. We also begin the process of sourcing and reviewing prospective properties as well as current projects we have under contract.

2. Design

The design phase is the most critical part of the process. We critique, review and dissect your plans until they are bulletproof. Once our experienced architectural and consulting team approves the final plans, we begin reviewing the drawings with our team of construction contractors. This innovative process is designed to add value and reduce risk, resulting in a higher quality build.

3. Construction

Construction is managed by our multi-faceted team from the first shovel to the final build. Bringing over 50 years of combined experience in the construction industry, we ensure that the project stays under budget and on the scheduled timelines. Throughout the process, our field team ensures effective site management and while our in-house team is there to liase with lenders to handle any budgeting or financing concerns.

4. Management

Post-construction, we work alongside our rental management company to find quality tenants and lease up the building. We also implement protocols to maximize the security and well-being of our tenants, ensuring they enjoy their home for years to come.


With a long history of translating potential into prosperity, we earn and sustain long-term relationships with our clients and investors.


From retail to residential, we have an incredibly diverse portfolio of commercial properties and we are constantly seeking opportunities to expand.


We are proud to be a part of a growing team of experienced professionals with expertise in a a broad range of construction disciplines.


We aim to exceed expectations in everything we do. From the architectural designs through to complete, livable communities, we always place execution at the core.


We pursue urban design excellence and are long-term investors in the communities we build which leads to safe and reliable investments for our partners.


We aim to be good partners and corporate citizens, fostering strong, sustainable and energy efficient communities which help raise the quality of life for everyone.


We navigate the challenges of complex construction projects with an eye for detail and a duty to the trust our clients put in our execution.


We cover a full spectrum of informative service, including a breadth of analysis and quantifiable risk assessment, through to site and timeline tracking.


Our commitment to building successful projects that leave a positive, lasting influence on the community at large as well as our clients and partners.

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